Affiliate Programmes & Marketing

Affiliation software and affiliates programmes?

An affiliation software is an application that allows you to create and manage easily and fast your affiliate program! L. N. E-Consulting provides a comprehensive service from installation of the software and integrate with your website, to management of the affiliate programme to ensure it is compatible with all popular e-commerce systems and checkout!

What do I need an affiliation software and affiliate programme for?

Thanks to an affiliation software you can create your network of online sales and increase your profits quickly! A good affiliate programme enables you to recruit affiliates who will promote your products online and allow you to accurately track the commissions generated!

Why choose L. N. E-Consulting to provide you with an Affiliation Software?

We provide a complete affiliate program, with unlimited affiliate management, creativity, and commissions!

Easy to use, branding, and graphics completely customizable!

L. N. E-Consulting will take care of installation, configuration and integration into your website so that you it will all be easy and fast for you to track sales and subscriptions generated , even after months!

Our affiliate programme application is available in English and in other main languages and it provides automatic protection against attempted fraud on multiple clicks.

Our affiliate software will provide you with detailed statistics in real time with reports and email notifications.

You will be able to set commissions: Pay per Sale / Lead (sales / application), pay per click, referrals, signup bonus, etc.

You will also be able to use your own creativity with: banner image, flash, code, links, ads, reviews, e-mail, DEM, etc

Our affiliation software supports the majority of conventional methods for affiliate payout: Paypal, Moneybookers, alertpay, Liberty Reserve,etc  and it can be integrated with popular e-commerce checkout: PayPal, osCommerce, 2co, and many others..

Increase traffic and sales to your site with “affiliate marketing”!

Interested in affiliation software, affiliate programme and affiliate marketing?

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What is an affiliate program and how does it work anyway?

The purpose of an affiliate program is to increase turnover by letting your affiliates advertise your products and services!

What is exactly an affiliate program?

It is a web platform where visitors, users and customers of your site can sign up as affiliates to promote your products and services through the online publication of banners, links, reviews, email.. and earn commissions you've selected on the basis of their results!

How can it help me earn more money?

You've probably already tried to promote your site: submitting it to search engines, indexing, Google Adwords, you name it ... Imagine having 100 or 1,000 people that do the same for you, that’s affiliate marketing!

With affiliates adverting, which you will be to accurately monitor in real time, your site will immediately increase traffic, visibility, and thus sales and subscriptions.

Moreover, you can invest in a safe and productive way by paying only the results you get, for example: 5% of each sale reported, or € 0.25 per sign-up!

How does your affiliation software work?

Our affiliation software stands out for its ease of use, in fact you’ll only need to learn a few basic things in order to make the best use of it for your site.

How does this work for Admin?

  1. We will install the affiliation software on your website, quick and easy.
  2. You set the commission of your advertising campaign (pay-per-sale, lead, click, ..)
  3. We integrate the affiliation software with your web site, e-commerce portal or checkout
  4. You load your creativity, such as banners and links to help your affiliate promote you
  5. You check, approve and pay the commissions generated by your affiliates

How does this work for Affiliates?

  1. Visitors, users and customers of your site can subscribe to your affiliate program.
  2. These affiliates promote your creativity on websites, blogs, email to friends and contacts.
  3. The earn money based on the results they get from their advertising!