Direct Email Marketing (DEM) and Newsletter

Direct Email Marketing (DEM) and Newsletter

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is an action of web marketing to promote websites, products and services via Internet email.

It is done by sending promotional emails to customers (current and potential), to contacts or to contact lists of other companies in a focused and customized manner.

Direct e-mail marketing (DEM) campaigns are worth it!

The latest figures published by the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) show that proper email marketing campaigns can achieve an ROI (return on investment) of over 500%, and forecasts for the future foresee further growth.

With a well organized and thought-through email marketing campaign it is possible to identify recipients of the advertising message based on specific profiles.

This way  the type of people who are potentially interested in your product, service or information are contacted.

In the message being sent, every word is essential to convince the recipient to open the e-mail and capture the reader's attention to guide him/her to take a predefined action: purchase, newsletter subscription, request for quote or information.

Our email marketing service includes:

  • Analysis of campaign objectives
  • Search and selection of the defined targets profiles
  • Study and drafting of the message to send
  • Set-up of "welcome pages" to welcome visitors and reinforce the message of action
  • Management and reporting of e-mail opened (OpenRate) and generated visits (ClickThroughRate)

How are Direct Email Marketing (DEM) and Newsletter campaigns run by L. N. E-Consulting Ltd

Depending on the need and the economic availability of the client, we use some or all of these channels to run email marketing campaigns:

  • Purchase of advertising on third parties newsletter
  • Rental lists of email addresses in accordance with Privacy Policies
  • Sending messages to the mailing list for discussion and / or newsgroups
  • Insertion of ads in L. N. E-Consulting Ltd’s newsletter (more than 60,000 e-mail)
  • Contacts research on other channels

Characteristics of the advertisement

The characteristics of the ad message should be defined and agreed with the customer by combining the following:

  • Sending plain text
  • Sending text in html format
  • Planning of the day and time the message is sent
  • Selection of recipients according to predefined categories (e.g. only males between 30 and 35 years of age)

All services offered by L. N. E-Consulting Ltd respect Internet’s netiquette, which is the set of rules of good behaviour and practice that users have voluntarily developed and adopted during the year.