Our web agency is capable to create a consistent and effective branding and design an image of your company starting from its logo to the creation of your graphic for media merketing.

Your corporate identity, brand and image is like a business card for your customers, visitors and other markets / targets. It is what establishes how people see your business and what they associate with your name. Your corporate identity will include design and marketing elements, starting from the choice of colours up to your slogan/motto and message you are trying to get across. Let L. N. E-Consulting take care of your corporate image with either a new corporate identity or by improving your existing one.

A skilled team of professionals will piece together the elements of your corporate identity to make them recognizable and easily reproducible on different types print formats to satisfy every need. We will be happy to help you develop a clear and concise message for your business and establish an increasingly positive image.

Our team will ensure that all graphics and text work flows together in harmony to help you achieve your branding objectives. Thanks to our expertise, you will spread your message much more effectively.


We leverage the experience of all the single elements of our team to achieve a creative outcome appropriate to the target market and new graphic styles of our clients. Our work is passion, but also a constant reason for studying and keeping up-to-date that is why our layouts are visibly pleasing but always adapted to the latest state-of-the-art technologies and innovations. For us, the visitors to your website are very important and that's why we strive to always come-up with the best methods of communication that will persuade your visitor to leave traces of their passage.


The development of a good branding and image consists of:

- Identifying core values

- Carrying out a comprehensive research to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its development potential

- Studying the target audience, assessing their needs and interests

- Strategic development of your brand and image

L. N. E-Consulting will create a logo, graphic and everything else to do with branding which communicates your message in an attractive and unique way. This in turn will leave a strong and positive impact on your existing and potential new customers.

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