Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is increasingly becoming a crucial aspects for advertising (whether the aim to increase brand awareness or product / service sales) any company both nationally and internationally.

In the ever-increasing e-commerce world, one, if not the, top priority has become to be found online by search engines (google, yahoo, bing, etc) through targeted searches and keywords for which it is vital that a company ranks itself as high as possible in the results of queries run on search engines so that you can grow in turn you ROI (return on investment) and your business and be found before your competitors are found by your potential customers.

Clients who come directly to us are already aware of the great potential of expanding the growth of their business through the internet is the right strategies are implemented. Our goal is to study with our clients the best strategy to achieve concrete results for their business.

We continuously and carefully study the daily changes of algorithms - the criteria upon which search engines (Google and others) base their logic for displaying certain results rather than others

We ensure that each client and each sector will be analyzed according to individual needs.


Market analysis:
Whether you are a company already started or a start-up is essential to analyze your market and competitors online and offline in order to define the best strategy for your business, starting from the individual user behavior and defining a list of aspects to focus on.

Thanks to our always up-to-date tools, we are capable of helping our clients choose the right keywords on which to invest to get a higher ranking in seach engines. There is nothing more frustrating than investing money and time in a list of keywords only to find out later that hardly anyone is searching for those keywords.

If you already have a website is our job to optimize your content to put your site in the best possible position to be read and found by the major search engines.

If you do not have a site we can create and design for you so that it is already optimized for search engines researches / results.

We can also provide assistance with "signalling" your site to the main search engines for inclusion of your various web pages in their databases (this process is also known as "indexing") both globally and nationally as well as providing assistance with helping listing your website and in the main human-edited directories such as Dmoz (search engines tend to reward websites who have managed a listing in a human-edited directory as for them this is a like a proof of the website's worth).

We trace the activities of users accessing your site to provide useful data to improve your marketing strategies, improve the conversion rate, calculate and track the ROI (return on investment). The quality of reports provided is guaranteed by the fact that we use tools that adhere to international standards dictated by the same Web Analytics Associations; hence the reported data, metrics and nomenclature use meaningful and world-wide recognised standards which can then be compare and analysed unambiguously.

All these services that we can offer can at first sound complex and therefore expensive, however our philosophy is that you should not invest a large sum to get a good return on your investment (ROI).

A serious and professional organization like ours knows how to work with your budget for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how to get the most from it.

It's important to remember that every project is unique, and depending on the size and difficulty of each project, the cost will be different. However, we are proud to offer competitive pricing for our services on search engine positioning and implementation of a campaign of highly competitive keywords for a relatively small investment.

In fact, we challenge anyone to find more competitive prices than ours. We believe that any offer that was officially made by one of our competitors, we can improve it.

This is because we believe we are presenting ourselves to our customers in the right way and our business model is very attractive to our customers because we have less cost for us = less cost for our customers!

This is an aspect of our business that we want to make it very clear and it is the reason why we can actually afford to be cheaper than the competition.

However, this is not because as some might think "cheap prices = cheap services" .. but because we want as a network of professionals who win contracts through our site and then depending on the project we have a team of specialists and experts of web consulting services available to choose from and working from remote connection.

This makes us very, very attractive because we can offer lower costs than others because we do not need to visit our clients with luxury cars, designer clothes and/or maintain expensive offices premises in city centers, and we don't have many other costs that our competitors have (and obviously pass on to their customers) as our business model is that of a  "virtual office".

This allows us to reduce our costs (because most of our services are offered via the Internet, email, skype and other free or low-cost channels) ... and in turn those of our customers - that is, you!