Social Marketing Optimization (SMO)

Where content optimization for search engines, known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), does not reach to enable short-term visibility of web pages, there begins the dynamic and lively work of SMO (Social Media Optimization), the last arrival in the vast field of optimization techniques, which deals with maximising efficiency of the content displayed through social media channels , such as Delicious, Digg, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook  just to name but a few.

Doesn’t it sound like a statement that would make happy any expert of online marketing? Sure is, and partly so, but take at closer look on the cold harsh truth and you will realise that in order to climb rapidly Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page), there are no magic formulas or tricks that work by magic!

The term SMO was coined by Rohit Barga, an Indian webmarketer/blogger, whose manifest contains the basic principles of this system and totally new concept of online marketing, which is now becoming a foundation for researchers and supporters of the new doctrines of web marketing.

Forgetting for a minute about the list of principles mentioned, we need to switch our focus on how hard it is to make no-nonsense statements about the effectiveness of any technique unless it is genuinely supported by a painstakingly long and hard work which has nothing to do with the quick and easy recipe, which we often hear about to increase a website ranking. SMO (Social Media Optimization) is no exception to this rule of thumb.

Having made this necessary premise here are the five key points to follow to start an effective SMO (Social Media Optimization) campaign, and many benefits that can be drawn from it:

  1. insert RSS feed into your blog, to keep the reader updated on the latest news of your content
  2. use online social bookmarks and social news, where you can bookmark links and interesting news report regarding your website or blog
  3. resources such as pdf documents, articles, audio files, video files etc.., which can be freely downloaded
  4. participate in discussion forums, newsgroups etc.. on issues related to your content and links to your pages
  5. Write quality content

And now the benefits of a SMO (Social Media Optimization) campaign:

  • secured and sustained visibility in different circuits of social networks
  • quality and useful backlinks, to increase the value of your Google PageRank
  • loyalty of your visitors, especially if you write well and are generous in sharing resources for free
  • growth in the value of information shared, even only for educational and training purposes
  • exchange of new ideas and new knowledge

These are just the basics, if you are serious and committed about effectively implementing a good SMO (Social Media Optimization) you need to talk the web marketing experts: L. N. E-Consulting Ltd.