Web marketing is the set of online activities that allow the company to emphasize its products/services.

The speed imposed by search engines, and the increasingly high ability of users to browse referring sites, bypassing sometimes even the main Google engine, have ensured that Web marketing too took a different set of directions over time.

The aim of our business consists of a series of operations that transform a traditional website (or create one from scratch) into an effective business tool considering the ROI (return on investment) as the main denominator for your reality.

The building blocks of the services we provide are the know-how of our consultants of every individual activity and the provision to our customers of monitoring tools easy to consult.

The customer is therefore equipped with a tool not only for communication but also for business development.

With regard to creating and delivering the product, our web marketing solutions currently consist of several phases including:

  1. Awareness of the potential customers (companies) of the importance of "If" and "how" to be present on the Internet effectively and feedback obtained both economically and image (branding)
  2. Definition of the content of the product customized to your needs
  3. Service delivery (testing for a predefined period of time)
  4. Identification and implementation of exit strategy, consisting in the sale of the tested service (web marketing tool) to the customer.

Here it is a list of services offered as part of our web marketing package:

Article marketing

It is a very simple system a company or a marketer can use to make himself known and increase its online position publishing, on specific sites, articles dealing with topics of interest to them in which then links to their website are inserted. By doing so, in addition to advertise your business, we create traffic to their site and contribute to improving the organic ranking in the search engines having many external links pointing to them.

The website contents are prepared by our copywriter together with the customer.

Page banner

Banners are the most widespread form of advertising on the Web.

It is an image, usually very engaging, static or animated, of different sizes, which is placed inside the page (usually in highly visible positions, such as the top of the page) which serves to attract users on a given page or Web site, or to perform an action (call to action, e.g. signing up to a mailing list).

The banner shows, typically,, name or logo image of the advertiser or its product: by clicking on the banner the user is taken to the site advertised.

Banners can be compared to Telepromotions on TV, a company that disseminates its products and its brand through small showcases within various television programs.

The size of a banner can vary a lot however some of the most popular sizes used are 728 × 90 or 300 × 250.

We can assist our clients both with the creation of a banner as well as its optimal implementation on a website.

Web mastering

The term web mastering means all those services related to the maintenance of a Web site, such as:

  • content management
  • contact management
  • system updates
  • graphics updates.

Lead generation

It is a system that allows you to transform your online presence into a source of business, your sales!

It is a system that allows you to "get found" by new potential customers browsing in search engines, social network, or in other thematic channels, information relating to services/products of interest to them - we can help with presenting the pages of your site published in various attractive forms.

Using our knowledge and experience, we can create pages withcall to action for the user to complete the desired action such as filling in a form, call your company, making a reservation, ... and help your website to be well positioned "organically" in most search engines.

We provide tools and define them with your customer, it is up to you to reap the benefits!