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Press Office – Press Releases – Public Relations

Press Office – Press Releases – Public Relations Online press office, press releases and public relations are an important activity not only to increase brand awareness of your company, but also essential for increasing link popularity and search engine visibility of your site. Content distribution on the Internet allows your company to talk directly to its...
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Graphic and Branding

Our web agency is capable to create a consistent and effective branding and design an image of your company starting from its logo to the creation of your graphic for media merketing. Your corporate identity, brand and image is like a business card for your customers, visitors and other markets / targets. It is what establishes...
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Web Hosting In order to publish a website on the Internet a web server hosting is required , this includes, in addition to domain registration, a dedicated server where you can host your pages, images, databases, programs and content. L. N. E-Consulting Ltd is a provider of hosting services which offer a real alternative for low...
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Social Marketing Optimization (SMO)

Where content optimization for search engines, known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), does not reach to enable short-term visibility of web pages, there begins the dynamic and lively work of SMO (Social Media Optimization), the last arrival in the vast field of optimization techniques, which deals with maximising efficiency of the content displayed through social...
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Web Marketing

Web marketing is the set of online activities that allow the company to emphasize its products/services.

The speed imposed by search engines, and the increasingly high ability of users to browse referring sites, bypassing sometimes even the main Google engine, have ensured that Web marketing too took a different set of directions over time.

The aim of...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is increasingly becoming a crucial aspects for advertising (whether the aim to increase brand awareness or product / service sales) any company both nationally and internationally. In the ever-increasing e-commerce world, one, if not the, top priority has become to be found online by search engines (google, yahoo, bing, etc) through targeted searches and keywords for which it is vital that...
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Direct Email Marketing (DEM) and Newsletter

Direct Email Marketing (DEM) and Newsletter What is email marketing? Email Marketing is an action of web marketing to promote websites, products and services via Internet email. It is done by sending promotional emails to customers (current and potential), to contacts or to contact lists of other companies in a focused and customized manner. Direct e-mail marketing (DEM)...
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Affiliate Programmes & Marketing

Affiliation software and affiliates programmes? An affiliation software is an application that allows you to create and manage easily and fast your affiliate program! L. N. E-Consulting provides a comprehensive service from installation of the software and integrate with your website, to management of the affiliate programme to ensure it is compatible with all popular...
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