Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Pay per click (PPC) is a system designed to increase the visitors to your site by investing money. It literally translates as "Pay for each click", it means that you can place advertisements into a network of Internet sites and/or search engines for a pre-established fee for each visitor who accesses the site after clicking on those ads.
In the case of advertisements on Google and Yahoo, they appear as "sponsored links " and "sponsored results" next to organic search results.
The main objective of a good PPC campaign is to generate targeted traffic, i.e. high quality traffic which guarantees visits from users really interested into your website, products, services, etc.

Why running a PPC campaign?

The latest statistics show that around90% of all online searches are carried out through search engines. Setting up and managing professionally a PPC campaign can bring  a lot of quality traffic and increase sales.

PPC ads respond directly to needs expressed by Internet users and are shown highlighted in the search engine results.
When we insert a keyword within the field of search engine, we express an interest in a product, service, information. Therefore, PPC ads will always have a high relevance as they appear following an explicit user request, according to the principles of consensual marketing.

Pay per click campaigns should not be evaluated as alternatives to organic positioning, but as complementary instruments of a good campaign of search engine marketing.

Our offer of pay per click take into account activation and management of campaigns to generate high traffic users really interested which bring concrete results at the most favourable cost per click.

Stages of a our PPC service

  • Analysis and definition of the objectives
  • Study of keywords
  • Definition of the content of the advertisements
  • Creation of pages with content suitable to welcome and encourage visitors from advertisements (landing pages).
  • Planning your PPC campaign on the main network (Google-Yahoo!)
  • Reporting and campaign analysis including ROI (return on investment) evaluation

Strengths of a pay per click campaign

  • Speed and immediate visibility: a PPC campaign can be set up quickly. The message will bring a significant increase in visibility online.
  • Messages into target: PPC contextual ensures that your message will be heard by the chosen target.
  • Measurability of the investment: an investment with measurable and guaranteed results.
  • Localization: direct the campaign on certain countries or on certain languages.