Shopping Cart Optimization

Shopping Cart Optimization deals with a question that too often arises in the head of people who run an e-commerce:  why is my website visited but it sells little (or nothing)?

To this question there is not a definitive answer and that’s because the problem could be of different nature such as:

1. usability of the site and purchasing process
2. visitor profiling
3. incorrect analysis of the demand from your visitors
4. communicative content is barely adequate
5. difficulties in conveying trust.

The usability of the purchasing process is still to date one of the most frequent causes for low conversion rate (ratio of number of visitors and purchases) of certain Ecommerce and at the same time perhaps the least known and the most underrated

This is an issue often hidden and / or little apparent contrary to the most talked-about visitors traffic or ranking on Google, and it affects mainly those who have already started an online store which is visited well positioned in search engines but it still fails to sell as expected.

It happens frequently that one mistake or one step inside the critical purchase process if spotted and modified, can generate incredible advantages in terms of increased conversion rates.

For example, if the conversion rate of ecommerce, by optimizing the purchase process, grows from 1% to 2% this means increased sales by 100%, in other words doubling them with minimal efforts.
The service analysis and optimization of the purchasing process provides a precise and detailed answer to this problem and is made of the following steps:

Application filter - The analysis of the purchasing process provides hours of navigation on the site as well as test purchases. It is therefore necessary to filter (possibly with Google Analytics) IP address of the Webfactory in order not to change the “real” statistics both in terms of traffic and conversion rates.

Test Purchases -
In order to analyze the buying process in its entirety, it becomes necessary to make test purchases. It is sufficient to agree a 'test name" in order to perform the analysis without disrupting the normal activities of ordering processing of the ecommerce site.

Historical data analysis and performance measurement (conversion rates, bounce rates, etc.) will then be carried out to analyse the current status of the purchasing process in particular by measuring the number of orders processed compared to the number of visitors who have given up half-way through the purchasing process in a given period of time. Moreover, the rate of abandonment of each step of the buying process will also be measured to identify any critical weaknesses.

Graphic detection
(via screenshots) of any "hot spots" that are assumed to affect the high drop-out rates.

Finding solutions / modifications to improve the performance of the entire process.Changes will include graphic aspects, design, communication strategy of the individual steps and / or the entire process as a whole.

Report Delivery of entire analysis.

Changes to the code and appearance of the site are not covered by this service but can be discussed separately. The purpose of the Shopping Cart Optimization serviceis to analyze the buying process, identify any weaknesses in order to suggest modifications and optimizations that can be implemented by those who already take care of the technical aspects of the website (which may be L. N. E-Consulting already)..
If you think that the optimization of the buying process of your online business is the answer as to why many people visit your site but few sales are made then contact us to discuss how we can help you by implementing an effective Shopping Cart Optimizationplan.