Web Application and E-commerce

One of our skills is to provide web application and a range of software products. We can build from scratch: applications, software, etc. 'tailored' for small e-commerce to large enterprises. Our team consists of professional staff of programmers and each has several years of experience developing applications and softwares. Our applications are developed to be fully functional and have stability and security for any type of project and on any platform. Contact us for a free consultation and a quote on your next project.

Our applications are tailored to meet our customers' needs and those of their consumers. Our method involves an application process that includes: research reviews, flow chart, structured application, database diagrams and an evolution of the process that fully expresses and follows a step by step implementation of the application and the idea that our customers want to develop. These practices help us creating stable and advanced applications that meet customer needs. Please visit our portfolio to see some live examples of our web applications.

The below is a non-exhaustive list of our competences (in fact we can provide tailored services that go well beyond those illustrated below and that it would be impossible to list all):

  • Internet Publications

Hosting / Housing: Apache for Linux, MS-IIS, Bea Web Logic

Client Profiling

Web Log




  • Client-Server & Web Application

Planning & Design Internet Websites 

Planning & Design Databases: SQL, MySQL, SyBase, DB2

Application Server: Websphere, Jrun

Development Environments: Visual Basic, C/C++, Java, C#, HTML, DotNet Visual Studio


  • New Technologies


Mobile Device Application

Instant Messaging



  • LAN Planning & Implementation

Windows NT, Windows 200x, Linux

Switch Cisco Catalyst

Control Access Lists, Active Directory

Centralised Antivirus Systems

Centralised Fax Systems

Antispam Systems

E-mail Systems


  • WAN Planning & Implementation

Virtual Private Network

Bandwidth Control

Band Priority


Communication Framework (VOIP, POS-IP, Black Berry)


  • Notes Planning & Implementation

Crossplatform (Microsoft, Linux, Novell, AS400, 3690)

Multi-Level Certifications

Application Server (DD, DA, etc.)

Mail Server

Web Server